Scope of Work(Out!)

Our open platform is flexible to the needs of your workforce, not the other way around.


We have a powerful Fitness-Tech platform that helps you plan and deliver programs for individuals, teams or across the whole organisation.

Fitness can’t be a standard, one-size-fits-all activity. That’s because every individual (and organisation) would have different needs and preferences. But thanks to our feature-rich platform, we can customise plans to the scale that works specifically for you.

Connecting People

Co-workers form 'Tribes' and bond over beliefs & passions to remind & motivate each other. We connect people over one-on-one chats with fitness experts and nutritionists. The Wellness Feed gets fitness updates from the workplace and beyond.

Interconnected Devices and Data

Plug in multiple devices and input different kinds of data such as nutritional information from your caterers, fitness bands, wellness and fitness partner apps and much more. That’s what your workforce needs for a comprehensive 360 degree fitness guidance.

Online Activities

Our multicity, any-time-any-where activities like the Virtual Marathons are fully driven by the platform. So, you can now bring together a broader set of teams in ways you couldn’t do before. For many of the activities you don’t even need to plan for a physical space!

Fully Gamified

Get ready for engagement levels to go through the roof and all activities come leaderboard-ready!
Fun, Result-oriented and Effective Activities

Our activities are designed to deliver a wholesome kind of fitness, impacting both body and mind. The kind that delivers real value to your workforce and transforms the entire workplace vibe.

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