Current programs not really working out?

Meditation hour? Step Challenge? Soccer League? Take it from the experts, those won’t deliver workforce fitness.

Fitness isn’t built in fits and starts. Fitness is a way of life. We’ve found that the reason most fitness programs fail is because they don’t engage and enhance the body and the mind equally.

Active Mind Active Body
Our Active Mind Active Body approach does exactly what it claims: it makes your mind and body active. Together. As a whole unit. That’s the secret to making it work for the long term, for adoption, and real impact.
The mind and body are deeply connected and influence each other. Our activities and platform are designed with this principle. Adoption is therefore very high, and we are able to measure real engagement and impact.

Welcome to the Getactive way of Workforce Fitness!


See the features of our platform that drive adoption of the fitness culture in your organisation.

Plan your Fitness Calendar

Our activities are fun, result-oriented and effective.

What do we deliver?

A complete workplace overhaul: Alert, stress free, fit workers, happier team players, and a healthy, positive vibe across the organization.

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