Get Acquainted With The Causes Of Kidney Failure

Have you given any thought to your kidneys lately?

Very few of us rarely do, but your kidneys are two of the most important organs in your body. They constitute the filtration system of your body and help to remove toxic substances from your system by means of urine.

Yet, many a times, the kidneys fail to work. This is, obviously, what kidney failure means. When your kidneys stop working gradually (chronic kidney disease) or suddenly within a short period (acute renal failure), it can quickly become a life-threatening situation.

But what exactly causes the kidneys to malfunction? Let’s find out.

Causes Of Kidney Failure

As most people know, high blood sugar levels and blood pressure are the main culprits in destroying kidneys. However, your kidneys may be at risk from autoimmune diseases such as IgA Nephropathy, Polycystic Kidney Disease or Nephritic Syndrome.

Often, acute kidney failure can be brought about by conditions such as heart attacks and urinary tract problems. Drug abuse is another common cause of kidney failure. Also, if any associated medical condition disturbs the blood flow to your kidneys, this may also be the reason for renal failure. And such problems usually occur silently; by the time we take notice it is already too late.

But There Is Hope

Through proper examination and regular checks, kidney failure can be prevented. A healthy lifestyle, together with proper medical care can help to prevent, detect and often reverse kidney failure.

Therefore, in order to maintain healthy kidney health, be sure to maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly and get periodic health checkups done by your medical care provider. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine, and prevention or early detection can go a long way towards averting complete kidney failure.

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