Controlling Diabetes – All About Changing Your Lifestyle

There are more than 63 million diabetics in India and WHO estimates that this number will reach 100 million by the year 2030. It is believed by many that diabetes is a genetics related issue. Therein, lies the problem. A distinct lack of awareness leading to such high numbers!

Though family reasons may be true of Type 1 Diabetes, the more common variety is Type 2 Diabetes. This kind does not need to run in your genes, it can be caused by your past and current lifestyle habits. Of course, if diabetes does run in your family, then you are at more of a risk to get either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.

But the fact is that even if you are prone to diabetes due to genetic reasons, you can strengthen your system to prevent it.

Let’s have a look at how this can happen:

Physical Inactivity and Diabetes

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Lack of exercise and a bad diet can lead to the accumulation of excess fat. When the body is forced to store fat, it tends to produce more insulin.

Insulin is a vital hormone whose job is to turn glucose into energy that the body can use. Naturally, if there is a large amount of glucose in the body, insulin levels rise, causing Type 2 Diabetes.

An active lifestyle with regular exercise, a balanced diet of fresh protein, fruits, vegetables and nuts and a happy, positive outlook towards life are key to diabetes-free living.

Early Diagnosis

Unfortunately, many of us are not living the healthiest lives that we could. This places a high majority in the risk bracket. Since Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented and controlled in the early stages, its best to get a check-up as soon as possible.

Get your family and yourself ready for regular diabetes check-up.

Remember, early diagnosis of diabetes can help to control it but in its later stages, diabetes kills.

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