Why Managers Need to Encourage Their Teams To Participate In Workplace Wellness Programs

Studies prove that wellbeing and performance have an inseparable connection. Comprehensive wellbeing of employees implies less absenteeism, enhanced problem solving, higher change adaptability and improved customer ratings.

Workplace wellness programs have a direct link with superior employee performance. In addition, healthier employees also imply less health insurance spending for the company.

Managers Play a Critical Role

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Managers play a vital role in their team members’ professional lives. Professional life impacts a person’s life in all spheres. Managers’ influence on their team members’ lives is quite extensive therefore.

As a corollary to the above, managers need to take the lead in promoting workplace wellness programs also.

Managers are Often ReluctantTeam Spirit, Team, Question Mark, Team Player, Personal

Studies reflect that many managers are not very comfortable in leading wellness programs. Partly because they do not fully realize the inseparable link overall wellness has with heightened work performance.

Workplace wellness programs touch upon many soft areas such as psychosocial wellbeing. That is not strictly within workplace boundaries in traditional terms. This also makes managers unsure of taking a lead in wellness programs.

Managers Need to Overcome Their Disinclination

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Employees look up at managers as leaders and role models. Unless managers proactively engage in workplace wellness programs and lead by example, employee engagement will continue to falter.

The Role of Top Managers and Middle Managers

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The role of top managers is relatively limited in leading sustainable behavior change of employees towards healthier lifestyle choices. They work more at the policy and strategic levels. Their role in workplace wellness programs is limited to sanctioning funds and making policy changes to allow employee participation. Middle managers play a far more crucial role, because they are the one teams directly work under.

Simple Ways for Managers to Promote Wellness

  • Changing boardroom team meetings into walking discussions
  • Change the snacks and beverages served during meetings to healthier options
  • Help teams organize their work schedules in a manner that allows participation in wellness classes and workshops
  • Openly appreciate team members who embrace healthier habits
  • Lead by walking the talk

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