Sureshot Ideas To Keep You Happy And Cheerful At Your Workplace

Remaining happy and cheerful at work is not a guaranteed thing. Nor is it a spontaneous one. It needs your intention and commitment and you can make it happen.

That’s the first important point: you. To remain happy and cheerful at your workplace is in your control. It will happen if you put yourself in the driving seat and take charge.

Size of Your Room Doesn’t Matter

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The next important thing to remember: a bigger room, a chair more luxurious than the previous one, higher salary and power etc are not necessarily ingredients of being happier at work. Promotions and career growth indicate success, not happiness, and they are certainly not the same things.

A little desk clerk working out of a small cubicle can be happier than the CEO of a big company. So, wherever it is that you work from – a big room, a medium desk or a tiny cubicle – you can still be happy and cheerful at work.

Personalize Your Workspace

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Decorate your workspace with small touches to personalize it and make it yours. That little act can provide elements of happiness to you on a daily basis. Put up photos of your loved ones. Print out and paste some inspiring quotes. Replace the office pen stand with one of your own that you love. Put up a photo of yourself doing something crazy or something you love.

Every time you feel a little down or unsure, look around at these items. Each one has positive associations in your mind. Think about those associations and see how your mood changes.

On a day you feel particularly down, carry some flowers for yourself to work and place them on your desk. Flowers are a great mood lifter.

Take a Walk When Stressed

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On occasions when you feel particularly overwhelmed with stress, go out and take a short walk. Enjoy the sun or the clouds as it might be. Notice how the wind feels on your body or how the sun warms you up. You’ll feel calmer when you return to your desk.

Remember Your Own Worth

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Start every day writing down three good things that you had done the previous day. You’ll feel good and start on a positive note.

Happiness is contagious. Take the steps for yourself and notice how it spreads around.

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