Making Workplace Wellness An Employee Goal

Asking employees about their workplace wellness

Success and wellbeing go hand-in-hand. You simply can’t have one without the other. As an employer, you pick employees that deliver on that expectation of success and achievement. And when someone’s that good for your business, your business has to be good for them, too. To do that, you have to prioritize employee happiness. So, make workplace wellness your next professional mission. 

Understand why you should play a role in employee wellness at all. Corporate Wellness Magazine spells it out: if your employee’s out of shape, under stress, needs sleep, or feels depressed, they’re likely to be less productive at your workplace. These are just some of the roots of failing workplace wellness. And it’s clearly bad for business. It’ll make your employees unhappy, and even push them to find a job where employers take active care of their wellness. So, while the office has to be a seriously productive zone, it should have compassion for the employees that make it possible. 

Work stress damages workplace wellness

Work pressure can do more harm than good to your business.

And it seems businesses have begun to understand this; bosses like you can actually depend on certain workplace wellness trends playing themselves out. Alan Kohll in Forbes notes that with a new focus on wellness, employers can think of wellness as a tool in attracting and retaining employees. Mental health will take precedence through the growing use of therapy, mental health days, and stress-busting practices. Corporate Wellness Magazine also observes that if you implement a wellness program, you’re likely to see less absenteeism at work. 

So turn your attention to a wellness program. But how exactly does a good wellness program work? You might find these suggestions useful, so take a look!

A Wellness Team

As a first step, a wellness team that can help you craft a workplace wellness strategy is a great idea. Install a committee that is solely charged with keeping your workers happy and healthy. Ensure that your staff is trained and able to advise your employees at any point. 


Create a forum where you can ask employees about personal goals and professional plans. This way, you keep them aware of their own feelings of happiness and discontent, so you make them better able to address them. 

A Sense of Purpose

Attach your employees to a local charity or a cause in need. If you can get them to participate in their drives and events, you send the message that you’re invested in wellness as a whole and not just for its impact on the workplace.

Office Adjustments
Office environments shape workplace wellness

Make your office a comfy place to be.

Get creative with your break room! Install interactive walls for a little therapeutic scribbling, or a table for a quick game of foosball, or

Office games for workplace wellness

Encouraging simple and fun games at work helps your employees unwind.

perhaps some magazines for easy-reading. Even a comfy sofa or two could do the trick. Think of fun and stress-busting additions to your workspace for your employees. 


The best way to understand what you need for great workplace wellness is to ask. Take every voice into account by implementing a feedback mechanism or having regular wellness meetings. Give everyone a say in their workplace happiness, and you’re halfway there. To show you’re serious, assign your business a workplace wellness month! 

While a work-life balance is great, the task of employee wellness makes that balance your responsibility. Make your employees happy to come to work with these workplace wellness ideas. 


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