Incentivizing Employee Fitness Goals For Overall Development

As part of management, overall employee development needs to be somewhere at the top of your list. Naturally then, you can think of health as a crucial part of employee development. A workplace is a machine, and to make sure it moves efficiently, you have to take care of the trusty little cogs that keep it going. Employees that keep themselves in shape are more energetic, have higher spirits, and are better able to produce great quality work. So once you believe in the power of employee fitness, you need to find incentives that’ll make your workers believe in it, too. 

Step To It

Set a daily fitness goal for your employees, and reward them for completing it. It could be as simple as setting a minimum limit of steps per day; one study focuses on how a little cash compensation motivated people to walk 7,000 steps a day or more. So, pay your employees to get a little

Steps to measure employee fitness

Taking the stairs counts!

active every day, and it’ll literally take them a long way!

Off Work, On The Move

How about inspiring employee fitness during paid leave? David Novaes of Nativ supports “performance-driven” paid time off for his employees, and Sara Schupp of UniversityParent encourages community service for the days that her workers take off. Take a cue, and think of offering your employees paid leave on more healthy terms for themselves, like training for a marathon on these days! 

Go Go Get That Cup o’ Joe
Using coffee runs for employee fitness

Coffee runs are a great way to motivate employees.

We’re all nuts for coffee when we’ve got a hard day of work ahead of us. Make a paid gig out of it! Every time someone volunteers for a coffee run, get everyone else to chip in a little extra and pay for that employee’s coffee. That way, someone gets a quick walk and a free cup of coffee!

These are some ways that a financial incentive gets your workers up and moving. There are a few alternatives you could approach for your mission in employee development.


Take A Chance on Dance

Hire a professional instructor to organize a dance session for your workers every so often. It’s a fun option and is bound to boost the mood around your workspace. While this gets your employees up and about together, just one class could inspire the inner dancer in them, and introduce a new outlet for fitness.

Break A Sweat
Office yoga sessions for employee fitness

Any fitness activity can be adapted for your office space.

Better yet, let your active and healthy workers show them how it’s done. Let work breaks be a way for an employee to showcase their own fitness hobbies. Offer an extended break for someone to hold a weekly class in yoga, aerobics, dance – just about anything that’ll energize the rest of their colleagues! 

Work It Out With Them

Motivate your employees with a discount on their gym membership. Let them know that as long as they make regular trips to the gym, they can get it for a cheaper rate from you. Not only does this provide a valuable reason to take up a membership, but it also lets your workers know that employee fitness is on your mind. 

With these ideas, you’ve got a ton to gain and none to lose. Start showing your employees that you trust them to take care of more than just the daily grind. When it comes to a building a great workforce, overall employee development needs to be your first step.



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