These Interesting Fitness Challenges Can Boost Employee Health

Improve employee health with fun and interesting activities at work.

In a corporate organization, employee health and well-being matter the most, as employees are the best assets of an organization. But an employee’s productivity, job satisfaction, and outcomes depend on the workplace environment. Along with increasing competition between organizations, the stress levels of the employees are also increasing. It is your duty, as the higher authority, to ensure that your employees are happy and satisfied. By maintaining an open, healthy work environment, you’re motivating your employees to perform better, which in turn translates to higher profits.

Employee health and their mental well-being play an important role in the success of an organization, which is why the extra effort should be put in to ensure their comfort and ease. A company with a positive work culture will keep the employees driven, motivated and happy. Mentoring your team and encouraging open conversations, including fun activities between hectic schedules, giving incentives and recognizing good work will go a long way in creating a healthy work atmosphere. Let us take a look at some fun employee fitness programs and challenges that will cheer up your employees and contribute to a healthy and amicable work environment.

Go team!
A team outing can help improve employee health.

Taking your team out can improve interpersonal relations.

A team outing is the best way to get your team to bond. Plan a small trek to a nearby tourist spot or just take a walk to a popular restaurant with your team. Even planning a movie-day with your employees can give them their much-needed break.

Step it up

People are now obsessed with tracking the number of steps they take in a day, using fitness trackers like Fitbit. Well, what are you waiting for? Take inspiration from this trend and make a fitness challenge out of it! Implement it by first splitting your employees into teams. The team that covers the maximum number of steps by the end of the week wins a prize! Simple, isn’t it? They can download free apps like Step Counter and Steps, and go ahead with the challenge. C

Sweat it out

Introduce a push-up or plank challenge in between those stressful meetings to lighten up the mood. The one who does the maximum number of push-ups or can hold the plank for longest wins! This simple challenge will keep employee health, both physical and mental, under check.

The healthy plate
Employee health can be improved through healthy food habits.

Incentivise healthy eating in the workplace.

This is one of the simplest employee fitness challenge ideas that can be executed. Track the meals that your employees eat throughout the week. The one who has been eating the healthiest wins! You can reward them with a healthy lunch or a coupon to their favorite restaurant.

Dance like nobody’s watching

Organize a Zumba day in your office. The best kind of workout is a group workout. Let your employees take a day off from their hectic schedule and indulge in some fun-filled fitness activities. Reward active participants with a membership in a fitness center.

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