5 Chair Exercises That Can Improve Employee Health

Chair exercises at office

Employee health is finally being acknowledged as an essential part of work culture. Workplaces are no longer just about toiling continuously for that promotion or a pay raise. Physical and mental well-being of employees is considered vital for their performance as well as that of the organization. Due to time and space constraints, new and creative ways of exercising at the workplace are being tried out. One such way is doing chair exercises at work. Here are some exercises that can be done right at the chair and put your workforce on the path to fitness.

While we’re all aware that sitting for long hours is really bad for health, it is still possible for employees to exercise even when they’re stuck in their chairs. Exercising while at work is so much more useful for employee health as it keeps people active and brisk throughout the day. It makes them more productive and attentive, not to forget, happy and relaxed. Investing some time and effort in getting your employees to be fit and energetic can go a long way in getting them to actually like and enjoy their time at their workplace.

So now that you know about all the perks of taking care of employee health, how are you going to get there?

An easy and realistic way to get started off is by introducing simple and short exercises that your employees can do in between work, from their chairs. Yes, it is possible workout without having to move away from the workstation because we’re talking about chair exercises to do at work.  

If you’re sitting and reading this now, you can try these chair exercises right away.

1. The Twister:

Sit upright in your chair and raise your arms so that your palms are interlocked behind your head. Make sure your feet are placed flat on the floor. Now, turn only your torso to the right. Come back to the original position and then turn left. Feel the stretch in your obliques(abdominal side muscles). Six to ten rounds of twisting this way and that will leave you feeling refreshed.

How long does it take? – Not more than 20-30 seconds.

Is it tiring to do?- Not at all!

What’s the point of doing this?- Reduces stiffness and relaxes the muscles; improves core strength by working the oblique muscles. Stronger and flexible back. The arms also get some anti-gravity motion and blood circulation.

2. Bend, Lift and Burn:

This is a variation of the previous exercise that includes leg movements. Maintain the same posture with your palms behind your head. Now lift your left knee while you simultaneously bend forward to bring your right elbow down close to the knee. Repeat this with your left elbow and right knee. Try to do six to ten rounds of this to really feel the muscles burning and getting toned.

How long does it take? – Not more than 10-20 seconds. Depends on the individual’s pace.

Is it tiring to do?- Might leave you slightly out of breath which is a good thing for your heart.

What’s the point of doing this?- Get rid of the belly fat and have flat abs. Strong legs and cardiovascular endurance.

3. Cycle Away:  

Lean back and sit, and rest your hands on the chair. Stretch your legs out in front of you, keeping it raised above the ground. Raise your right leg and bend your knee, bringing it close to your chest or stomach. Lower it back and simultaneously bring your left leg up. Mimic a cycling movement, pedaling continuously. Do 10 rounds if you’re comfortable. Remember to move only your legs and not your torso or arms. You can also do this in the reverse direction.

How long does it take? – 10-20 seconds.

Is it tiring to do?- Not any more than cycling.

What’s the point of doing this?-Stronger knees and legs, pushes for blood circulation that you need from sitting all day. Also improves core strength.

4. Shoulder Wheels: 

This one is for the shoulders and arms. Sit straight and bring your fingers to touch your shoulders. Now move only your arms backwards in a circular motion. Don’t move your torso while you do this. You can this for about 20 times, 10 forwards and 10 backwards. Make sure your shoulders are fully engaged.

How long does it take? – 20 seconds.

Is it tiring to do?- Nope, it actually feels really good for the shoulders and back.

What’s the point of doing this?- This is going to unwind your shoulder blades and back, relieving muscle tension. It also works and tones the arms increasing endurance.

5. Pseudo Running: 

  This one can be really quick and fun too. All you’ve to do is just sit straight, bend your legs and run on the spot by taking rapid steps.

How long does it take? – 2 minutes. Or run for as long as you want to.  

Is it tiring to do?- No. However, take a break if you can’t do it continuously.

What’s the point of doing this?- Almost all the benefits of running- improves cardiovascular endurance, strengthens the legs, tones the hamstring muscles and just makes you feel alive and enthusiastic.

These 5 exercises can be the stepping stone to bettering your employee’s health. This routine will get them to start moving and stop slouching.

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