5 Flash Mob Dance Songs That Can Set The Fitness Rhythm At Your Workplace

Push away work stress with flash mob dance songs

Are your employees feeling restless at work? It’s time for them to get grooving to these flash mob dance songs. Dancing is an amazing way to beat stress and feel positive. It also brings in an element of creativity as they come up with some crazy moves for those catchy beats. Don’t let work life make them dull and mundane. Doing a flashmob with your employees is a fun way to throw in some spontaneity and cheer. It can also really help in improving interpersonal relationships. 

Exercising, working out or gymming may not sound exciting enough to your employees. But think flash mob dance- Impulsive enough? It’s like a party, but one that also burns calories along with plenty of music and jiving.

Planning a flash mob at the workplace is actually not that hard. What your employees will need is a soundtrack that gets all their feet tapping. Also, the right timing when they can surprise the rest of the office, a spacious and prominent location. And of course, the enthusiasm to dance to their heart’s content. But mind you, this lively activity is going to need tons of practice and coordination which is what’s going to make this the ultimate blend of exercise and merriment.

Flash mob dance songs event at an office

Organizing a flash mob dance at work can be a fun team building activity.

If you’re looking for flash mob ideas for work that can motivate your employees, start by picking a popular and trending song. Make sure the choreography is unique and challenging enough for that adrenaline rush. If it’s the kind that requires your employees to dance with each other, even better. This is where team spirit’s gonna come in handy. Keep the duration short- not more than five to seven minutes. And don’t forget to get it all on tape!

Now let’s look at some fantastic flash mob dance songs you can suggest to your employees:

Thriller by Michael Jackson-

This famous number by the King of Pop is a tried and tested soundtrack for flash mobs. Zombie dance moves with the coolest beats ever. Your employees will be thrilled to perform a flash mob to this. Dancing to this number gets better if there are more people.

Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5:

Yep, get your employees to get their moves like Jagger with this ever so popular track by Maroon 5. Even the seemingly shy and quiet ones won’t be able to resist shaking a leg to this. The rhythm of this dance and electropop song is perfect for a flash mob. Encourage them to get as creative as they want to with the choreography.

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift:

Your employees can shake off the lethargy, the stress and whatever else is bothering them with this peppy number by Taylor Swift. And no, it not a song just for the ladies. The men can also dance away to this track that’s all about not paying attention to society’s judgmental standards.

Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) by Shakira:
Flash mob dance songs for your employees' fitness

Improve your employees’ health and fitness with the help of dance.

Official FIFA song for a flash mob? It doesn’t get any better. Your employees will really enjoy dancing to this number that’s inspired by traditional African music. The upbeat dance moves of this song are easy to perform and bring in the energy of a football game.

Lose Control by Missy Elliott:

Old but gold. This one ranks high on the swag quotient and never fails to impress. Your employees can have a thrilling time figuring out the steps for this electro-dance track. It’s a track that makes everyone feel alive and, yes, lose control. Just what your office needs once in a while.

So, set up those speakers, get your teams to kick off their shoes and start swaying to the music.


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