5 Hacks For Better Employee Mental Health At Work

techniques to improve mental health in the workplace.

It’s a well-known fact that mental health in the workplace is extremely important as it affects productivity and is also needed to maintain a good working relationship with your colleagues. Increasing stress levels lead to many problems such as health issues, strained workplace relationships, and at times, it makes the overall work atmosphere undesirable. It’s true that some amount of stress is vital as it makes the employee productive, but too much of it can be overwhelming, leading to decreased efficiency and causing absenteeism. This is where mindfulness and awareness helps. Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique in which one is aware of his/her own state and surroundings, thereby realizing and accepting their feelings, thoughts, and situations.

With the level of competition among companies rapidly rising, mindfulness is a necessity in order to ensure that the mental health in the workplace is not disturbed. With emails, phone calls, meetings and work taking up most of our time, it may seem impossible to take time out and focus on making ourselves calm and aware. This is where mindfulness exercises come into play. Mindfulness exercises are easy to practice and leaves your employees feeling happier, more optimistic and more focused. What makes these exercises better is that they don’t need specific equipment or a separate space to practice. These exercises will help your employees achieve a calm state of mind amidst their chaotic workday.

Let us take a look at some mindfulness exercises that will help calm the mind and ensure that mental health in the workplace is stable.

Appreciate the little things in life:

Imagine how boring your life would be without your pet dog, or how difficult it would be to go to places without your

practice mindfulness for better mental health in the workplace.

Practicing mindfulness at work can make employees stay focused and be productive.

favorite car. Take time out to appreciate all those things that you hardly paid attention to or took for granted, and think about their value in your life. It will give you a sense of contentment and optimism. Be grateful to those things or even people that support you and make your life easier.

Take a deep breath:

Okay, this is the easiest exercise of all. Just breathe. You can do this when you are sitting, standing; pretty much in any position you are in. You don’t necessarily have to sit in the meditating position (though it is the best). Just leave everything you are working on at the moment, take a deep breath. Forget about the emails you have to answer or the reports you have to make. Just focus on your breathing while you clear your cluttered thoughts. It’s that simple.

Give yourself a much-needed break:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Working for continuous long hours without taking a break can make you irritable and decrease your productivity. It is important to break away from your hectic schedule for a few minutes to relax your mind. Plug in your earphones and listen to some soothing music, or go for a short walk and de-stress yourself.

Immerse yourself in your task:
concentrating on one task at a time improves mental health in the workplace.

Give your full attention to the task at hand to avoid stress.

Trying to finish your work in haste can be extremely taxing. Which is why it is important to completely focus on the task at hand. Do not worry about the next task on your schedule. Savor the moment and enjoy the work you’re doing. This way you’ll enjoy the work you’re doing and focus better.

One thing at a time:

Multitasking might make you feel more efficient, but focusing on one thing at a time is always better. When you multitask, your concentration is divided between too many things. You make more mistakes and most of the times you’re not able to finish much work. It also increases your stress and anxiety levels. By taking up one task at a time you are strengthening your ability to focus on something for a longer period of time. You’ll find that by giving complete attention to one task at a time, you’re improving the quality of work and becoming more efficient.

In this busy world, a hundred thoughts occupy our head, making us anxious and stressed. With increasing competition between companies, relaxation has taken a backseat. But it is essential to keep ourselves relaxed and give our mind some time to reset. Mindfulness exercises make us aware of our surroundings and have a soothing effect on our mind. These simple mindfulness exercises can help reduce anxiety, depression and other psychological problems. They also ensure that the employee’s mental health at work is not disturbed. It also promotes the growth of the organization and has a lasting impact on the employees.

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