These Mindfulness Exercises Can Help Employees Deal With Stress

Minfulness exercises work

Mindfulness 101

Ever heard of mindfulness exercises? It’s what your employees need to thrive in today’s corporate jungle. Deadlines, tough bosses and impossible colleagues – looks like the average corporate ninja has his/her office life cut out, whatever the day job! The typical pressures that are associated with working at a day job can not just make employees feel frustrated but also affect their performance and result in absenteeism. And it’s mindfulness that can keep these results at bay. Mindfulness is the state of being aware and conscious of the present physical and mental environment and thereby accepting one’s conditions and feelings.

Mindfulness exercises are very helpful in dealing with work-related stress. Also, they don’t require any extra time or equipment, which makes them even more convenient to incorporate into a regular, if not an everyday routine. Being mindful can improve your team’s concentration, memory and attention span, increase their productivity and enable them to handle work pressure, all while lowering their stress levels. They will be able to take criticism in their stride and be better decision makers on the move.

 ” Training employees to be mindful will go a long way in enhancing their performance and overall personality development. “

These mindfulness exercises aren’t just some new fad- it is backed by scientific research as well. A study conducted by Harvard Medical School in 2018 found that people benefited greatly by practising mindfulness-based meditation. It significantly reduced their anxiety, depression and even chronic pain.

Anxious mind vs peaceful mind

Practising mindfulness helps calm a cluttered mind.

Mindfulness Exercises Your Employees Can Do At Work

Let’s look at some mindfulness exercises that can easily be done at the workplace and will ensure that your workforce is able to start and end their day with a smile.

1. Don’t hold your breath

Breathing is the first step to getting some inner peace. Every time you feel extremely overwhelmed or tensed due to work, first go to a quiet corner. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Try to empty your mind and just focus on your breathing.

2. Lend me your ears

During meetings and discussions at work, make sure that you’re actually paying full attention to those talking to you. Listen to what they’re saying and don’t interrupt them or be in a hurry to script your reply.

3. Watch everything carefully
Mindfulness exercises at work

Practising mindfulness while at work can help improve concentration

During moments of confusion or when your mind feels cluttered, focus on a seemingly mundane object that you use every day. It could be your notebook or a pen or even your earphones. How about thinking about your pet? Remember all those cat pics online? They make you feel good for a reason. Observe carefully and feel how your mind is able to spring back to a peaceful state and functions normally again.

Meditating outdoor at sunrise

Mindfulness plays a pivotal role in reducing stress at the workplace.

4. Give yourself a pat on the back

Whenever you’re feeling under-appreciated or insecure, remind yourself that ‘Yes, you are good enough’. Accept yourself for who you are. You can pen down your thoughts whenever you’ve doubts about your self-worth. Then step back and observe your thoughts- is it constructive feedback about yourself? If it’s not, then discard the negative thoughts right away. Internalize only those thoughts that lead to self-improvement. 


5. To be aware of your actions is human 

This might seem abstract or vague but think about it. Every time you make a decision or are about to do something on an impulse, pause and step back. Consciously examine your choices and what you’re about to do. Practising mindful awareness will let you see where your actions can lead you and how useful or necessary they are.

6. Stop for some fresh air

 Sitting at your desk all day long or constantly drowning yourself in work can be mind-numbing and make you irritable. This is when you take the cue and get out for some fresh air. A change of environment will recharge your mind and give it the break it needs. This can help you in getting back to work with renewed energy and perspective.

Smiling employee at workplace

A happy employee reflects well on the organization.


Mindfulness-based stress-reduction can have a long-lasting positive impact on your employees’ mental health that is highly essential for their career as well as for the well-being of your organization.

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