Why Corporate Wellness?

Why Corporate Wellness?

We recently sat down with leaders from some of our clients and brainstormed together about how they built an effective fitness culture in their organizations – why they did it and the nuances of how they went about it. It was a revelation and reaffirmation to us on how wellness programs can provide significant returns to organizations that deploy them effectively.

Below are some of the key takeaways from our session:


Why do companies invest in wellness?

  • Cerner & AB InBev found that wellness programs create a positive employee experience that gets funnelled back to the organization as an ROI
  • Microfocus has used wellness to drive better performance, increase job satisfaction and create better outcomes for employees and business units.
  • It has the ability to help employees deal with stressful situations and improves decision making and mental capability
  • As part of a strategy to attract and retain talent, these companies offer wellness to employees on their terms with multiple avenues that they can take on their wellness journey via a flex benefits scheme.


How do companies motivate employees to adopt wellness?

Nothing worth doing comes easily, building and sustaining an effective wellness culture requires planning and execution unlike anything before.

  • At Cerner, the cornerstone of a successful wellness program is a fitness first culture that invests into the wellbeing of the employee, a partnership beyond the workplace that brings employees and employers together in a real way.
  • Leaders across the organization and across levels became the role models and ambassadors for the program
  • MicroFocus believes in providing options and avenues for them to pursue wellness on their terms and provide resources within the organization such as in-house communities, activity areas & events that allow them to engage and take up a fitness activity of their choice
  • Move the focus to themselves via leveraging the org’s collective consciousness to drive a healthier lifestyle
  • Identify and support subcultures in the organization that promote healthy behaviour, leverage technology to do the same via your digital assets like the website, intranet and social media
  • Adopt and leverage digital platforms to drive wellness, millennials respond well to digital programs
  • Devices make a huge difference to the adoption of such programs by millennials as they are able to measure their progress resulting in a positive feedback loop

The Challenges to building a wellness Culture

Apart from being a long-term forward-looking investment, there are several other hurdles to cross while creating a fitness program

  • Budgets are a challenge as they are finite, but so are the hours in a day, If a person told you he cannot take 20 mins a day to exercise and rid himself of a number of common health issues, is it a challenge or a personal issue?
  • A lot of organizations look at wellness from an ROI perspective over very short timeframes of a year or two, but returns on wellness typically come over a 3 or more years
  • There is a direct quantifiable relationship between wellness and business outcomes, but organizations do not have data to take action, partners can provide the right data to help plan and deploy strategic wellness programs to the most at-risk populations in an organization.

The Bottom Line

Everything that we heard in the discussion reaffirms our commitment to what we are doing

  • Wellness is something we can work on throughout the day. Wellness is a journey where we take responsibility for ourselves and get to a point of being there for ourselves and for others as well.
  • Technology will be a critical enabler in delivering successful wellness programs
  • Employees are looking at holistic solutions that are long term, not the occasional Yoga, Zumba or Taichi
  • Employers have to find various avenues to enable employees to pursue their wellness journey via a flexible benefits program
  • Wellness needs to be a partnership between management and employees with the former leading by example and making wellness aspirational and supporting sub-cultures in the organization that adopt wellness.

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